May 30, 2010


Allen went backpacking with me :) We did something like 14-15 miles (haven't added it all up yet), and over 3,000 feet elevation change over 48hrs. We were going to make it a three day trip, but since we weren't able to really plan ahead (apparently the maps for Henry Coe are only sold there) we ended up doing some fly by the seat of our pants planning at the visitor center that (coupled with an usually early start) had us cooling our heals at 1:30 with nothing else to do for the rest of the day and staring at the prospect of a long afternoon with nothing to break the lethargy but a couple of books we'd selected more for their prospective merits as conversation starters and less for their ability to while away a drowsy afternoon. So after a couple hour's nap we decided to pack up, start hiking again, and make a two day loop of it. Besides, the scenery at Coe, though pretty enough as pasture land, wasn't enough to keep me wanting to stare at it for hours on end. I've scene some places where I could just sit and wonder for hours without being bored. The hills east of San Jose....not quite so fascinating. Anyway, I'm super proud of Allen for his unexpected display of hiker prowess. That night when I was feeling headachey and tired he inflated the sleeping pad, fixed supper, and read to me. Then we got up, hit the trail, and made it out in time to get showers and head to church. Based on our experiences I think we'll make a pretty good go of the Sierra's this summer once we're able to get up in them.

May 16, 2010

I'm not dead

Wow, popped back over here only to realize I haven't posted anything in well over a month. Well, I guess everything has its season, and I've just been busy poking away at other things. Hopefully I'll soon be back here on a more regular basis -plenty of blog posts whirling about in my head if only I'll sit down and bang them out.