August 18, 2008

Note on slave wives

There are some people who would tell an abused Christian wife that she should sit down, shut up, and try better to please her husband. People like that need a couple of black eyes of their own in my opinion. They make me sick. In the past, though, I had wondered just where in the Bible God gives women in abusive situations their out until Allen showed me a section from James Jordan on slave wives v free wives in the OT. You can read it for yourself, but really telling a woman to stay in a situation like that is telling her to stay in something that slave wives in the OT didn't have to tolerate. So, according to some portion of the Church, wives can be treated worse than middle-eastern slaves in whatever B.C., and they won't help her get out. Again I am amazed at how God in His Word constantly protects and defends women and at how some people in the same of God deny women the care and protection He established.

Thanks Allen for posting that link in the comments. I just thought I'd put it up with a brief note so no one misses it.


Kat said...

This view, coming from a conservative Christian woman, is truly a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

Martha said...

I still don't see how that means that a Christian wife should leave her husband. Can you show me a verse that says that?