July 16, 2009

blender recommendations?

I'm thinking that I might have to get a new blender. I know I got one only about a month ago, but every day it sounds a little more tired. Any recommendations? I'm looking for something that will make frozen fruit smoothies 4-7 times a week and not burn out on me. Since it looks like these smoothies are going to be a regular part of my diet I'd be willing to get a more expensive model if it would do the job and last me a few years.


natalie said...

I've heard they're pretty pricy, but if you really want something that will last I would say get a Vitamix. From what I've heard from friends they are the ultimate in blenders (and do a lot of other cool stuff too.)

Elisa M said...

you need one of these:


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It would be perfect!!!

hope you are still enjoying riding.