November 20, 2010

storm before the calm

I find myself greatly in need of a little peace and calm. Hopefully I'll find it when we see the mountains and trees and waves and get away from the craziness that has been "one of those weeks" one right after the other. Somewhere in this I'm learning and growing and becoming better prepared for next year. Sometimes I just wish the learning and the application weren't the same thing.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends and wonderful food and hearts full of love.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry 'bout "'one of those weeks' one right after the other." You seem to be chugging right on up that hill though: "Yes I can, Yes I can," tough as it may be.

And here come wonderful Thanksgiving wishes from the Sierra foothills to you, Natalie.

Relax. Enjoy. Please. You really do deserve that peace & calm. You're quite a nice person. :)

Sincerely, Jim in Apple Hill (Camino, CA)
You're set for Alabama time, huh? A preview startled me into thinking I was up really, really late. Well, big day of shoveling snow anyhow. Off now for a long winter's nap.......