December 15, 2006

navel gazing

Ok, so I'm looking at my tummy when I notice that it looks a little softer than usual. Poke, poke. It feels softer too. "Oh no!" I thought "I'm getting fat!" Sounds a little dumb, doesn't it. (laughs) I know when you're pregnant that your tummy starts sticking out at some point, but I wasn't sure about this soft, pudgy thing my tummy was doing. Then last night I was laying on the couch playing with my tummy (notice the trend?) when I noticed that I could push it out a lot further than I could B.P. For some reason this fascinated me, and I told my husband that he really needed to see this. Bright fellow that he is he noticed that my skin gets a lot tighter when I push out my stomach. Ah ha! My body is storing fat and skin right there so that I won't get horrible stretch marks when baby and I really start growing! No wonder I've been wanting so much cheese and ice cream and butter these past few days. The mystery is solved. I'm glad I've got this wonderful body that knows what it needs to take of me and baby.

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