July 13, 2007

And then they took my radio -ShantyRaidio that is

I never mentioned it here before, but I play this immensely fun on-line game called Puzzle Pirates. Allen got me started on it, and now it's one of my primary time wasters. In some ways it really is a community. A whole web of player sites (of which I know only a part) has sprung up around the game. One of them was a radio station run by some players that played a mix of folk, celtic, piratey, and pretty much anything involving a sailor, ship, or ocean with a little modern thrown in for good measure. Most of it was just plain fun music -some tender, some bawdy, some witty, some raucous. It was the music that played to an odd little loosely bound community. But now it's threatened. Ultimately it's a property rights issue. We are not said to own what we purchase. It's not so much different with our real property. We pay must pay property taxes, and for the privilege the government tells us what we may and may not do with it.Shanty Raidio is a little thing, but it's a little thing that I enjoyed. When it seems that so many dear things I love are threatened the loss of even the smallest cannot be viewed with equanimity.


Corin said...

I'm confused by "We are not said to own what we purchase."

Did everyone already own what was playing, or did one person own it, and broadcast it for others to listen to, without the artist receiving the money they would otherwise receive from those people purchasing the music to hear it?

Loren said...

maybe that's why it's called 'pirate'??

Corin said...

Boy, was my comment clear as mud or what??? LOL This is why one shouldn't comment while suffering from a migraine!

LOL at Loren's comment.

What I was basically trying to ask, was whether or not the music was written, performed, and recorded by the members of ShantyRaidio? (love the spelling there!)

I just don't see how they could threaten to shut it down unless there were copyright violations going on. Am I missing something?

Stagnant Artist said...

I am going around looking for my lovely ol' Shanty Raid-io lovers to let the know we are in the process of trying to get the station up and running again. We will be starting fundraising and wonderous swag selling in support. Keep posting about us and help revive Shanty Raid-io!

Thanks for listening to us.... we appreciate it immensely