July 29, 2007

Oceans of fun

When the Ocean's 11 remake came out I don't know how long ago I instantly dismissed it as being just another example of a brain-dead Hollywood mining the vaults for ideas to knock-off. Didn't bother to see it. Didn't want to see. Then, a little while back, I saw it. Tonight I just finished watching Ocean's 12. These movies are great. Really great. It's hard to describe without sounding like a raving movie critic who's just had one too many espressos, but plot intricacies aside the way these guys play it is delicious. It's really all the little quirks -the squabbles and quirky expressions and such- that make the movie so fun to watch. By the way, after watching this one I realized that my youngest brother-in-law looks a little bit like Matt Damon. Is that cool or what? Anyway, whoever is reading this seriously needs to get both movies and watch them. I can't speak for the latest installment, but since part of the conspiracy involved in getting me to watch this one was so that i could watch the 3rd one I suppose I'm going to be seeing that one sometime soon as well. Ooooh, I smell either a date night or a sibling get together in that one. Can't wait.


Loren said...

ohh isn't the twist at the end of ocean's 11 GREAT! wow! very entertaining. ;)

Blogreader said...

Anything with Matt Damon is worth watching. You must have a really cute relative if he remembles M.

Amanda said...

I have enjoyed all of the Ocean's movies. I liked the first one the best, and in my opinion, the third one may even be better than the second. I hope that you enjoy it.

Leigh said...

Hi! I only saw the first one, but I liked it. I didn't bother with the other ones.

Any news on the baby? I have been praying for you!

Take care,