December 5, 2007

hurrah for ebay!

Anna over at pleasant valley schoolhouse posted a Christmas reading list of Grace Livingston Hill novels. On that list she included Astra, an old favorite of mine which I unfortunately no longer had the pleasure of owning* until now. I bought five books (including Astra) for just over $2 a piece. Not quite thrift store prices, but it sure beats anything else.

*One of the hazards of getting married is that books which you and your sisters sort of held in common often become books that are reluctantly left behind. But, my library is growing again!

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Serena said...

Ah, yet another advantage to having only brothers that I never thought of as a child. And, that does it! I'm going on a search for 'Patricia'. I've been hankering after it ever since being reminded of GLH by you and Anna!