November 21, 2008

If I had a million dollars...or two

So when Allen and his co-workers finally hit on the idea that has Google sprinting to their door with a checkbook in hand here are my plans. (It's good to plan for these things you know so they don't hit you by surprise.)

What I would do with two million dollars:

1. Buy a fairly modest house - You can skip the granite bathroom big enough for a roller rink so long as I get my windows. Having an acre or so yard would be great too.

2. Invest in a couple or 50 acres close to/adjoining the family farm.

3. Label one sock under the bed "Think about using this to buy a ski-boat/bowrider."

4. Label the other sock under the bed "Think about using this to by a camper of some sort."

5. Buy two dresses from Stop Staring

6. Put all the rest in fairly secure assets.

7. Not argue if Allen wants to buy me a strand of pearls.

1 comment:

Elisa M said...

oh my, those dresses are just divine!