February 21, 2009

not that kind of girl

It's kind of funny. I over on Quietude I noticed Laura posting about her china pattern. Not having a china pattern of my own I immediately went out looked up some just to see what's out there and was again quickly reminded that I'm really more of an urban cottage style girl than I formal tea style kind. (After a conversation with a friend this afternoon I really doubt I'm even very urban minded, but it's a convenient way to label my affection for some of the wares sold by Ikea and Urban Outfitters.) There's some fine china I could tolerate and even a few patterns I could admire but I'm continually being attracted to stone and earthenware dishes. This is my new recent favorite from Pottery Barn called Emma. I really think I'd rather have it than almost any china pattern I've seen.
It's just sort of funny though to read all the comments on Laura's post on how much these women enjoy using "real" china and wondering why people don't register for it anymore. Of course I don't really understand people getting those dishes in odd "organic" shapes. At least, I can understand some people might find them attractive in the same way people find formal platinum banded china attractive, but personally I don't get it. Anyway, seeing as how I don't have room for any more dishes it's all somewhat moot, but wouldn't these make wonderful Sabbath dishes?

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natalie said...

I have my grandmother's china, and I do like it.

But I have to say that I LOVE those dishes! The tea cup reminds me of some tea cups I picked up at a flea market. I love the chunkyness and simplicity, as well as the warmness of the cream. :-)