February 5, 2009

on blogging coolness

Poking around a few of my church's blogs I've realized that I lead a pretty banal blog life. For instance, most of my music choices are weird. Not cool weird mind you like all those people posting music reviews on their blogs that sound like something out of "Interesting person's guide to cool music." My stuff is really just weird. Apparently it takes a special kind of person to get worked up about the Pogues. Maybe I'm in the wrong denomination to like this kind of music? The only person I know who's into that sort of thing is a whiskey drinking Irish Catholic. Makes me wonder whether I have a Canadian Irish Catholic doppelganger who just can't get enough of blue-grass and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Actually, now that I consider, the problem is that I don't get the "Beatles." That is what has kept me back from music blog review cool-dom all these years -lack of a classical education.

But there's more to my little blog than lack of cool music reviews. No cute baby pictures. None, zero, nada, not even preggo (that I know of). So the cool mommy blog thing is out. As likewise is the hip single girl blog chronicling one girl's hopes and dreams through the tangled web of hideous brides maid's dresses, unsympathetic bosses, out of touch males, and challenging life decisions. Yeah, I never even had a nodding acquaintance with that girl in my single days. Being an overprotected fundamentalist kid with nearly no fashion sense will do that to you.

Let's continue here. I haven't started any cool groups. I don't read eye-brow crunching books and give reviews. My job is very cool, but I don't feel the need to obsessively compulsively write about someone else's kids. I guess that just leaves me right here where I am. Three days a week (occasionally more) I look after some kids. Seven days a week I look after one husband. While doing so I often listen to sea shanties and irish punk rock. Sometimes I go dancing. Sometimes I think about things that I want to write down. That's not all of me, but that's a fair part. I guess that's what comes of being a jill of all trades type who can't stand the thought of getting an office job.


Carla Jean said...

You're fabulous and not just like everyone else. Which is also fabulous.

However, you should work on that Beatles thing. OK, OK, I kid... but they ARE fantastic. :)

Natalie_S said...

Thanks, Carla, just poking a little mild fun at all involved, That reminds me. Want to go back to Nabeel's sometime for lunch?