November 9, 2009

arguments against wedding do overs

Yeah, I'm realizing it's a very good thing I didn't get to fully exercise my fancy at my wedding. You think it was bad that the ac blew out at the reception, but at least you didn't have to deal with 500 Scotsmen...err make that Scotsmen singing "500 Miles" because yes I would have. And that's not all I would have either.

"Havering" is apparently an old Scots word for talking piffle; piffle is an English word for blarney, and blarney is an Irish word for nonsense. Nonsense is a American word that describes my thought processes while constructing the above sentence.

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Serena said...

For the record, some of those lyrics are wrong. Not that I have the song memorized or anything. ;)

And your last paragraph, with the talk of havering, piffle, and blarney is awesome.