August 1, 2007

Rum in my tummy...I wish

It's not as though I even really averaged a drink per week, but every once in a while I chafe a little. I may sample varied cheeses at the grocery store or compare imported chocolate, but no more do I sip of Dionysus's cellars. It's aggravating when there are so many different tastes to be explored in all their various permutations and applications. For instance, what's the difference between good whiskey and bad whiskey or between whiskey and scotch? What do whiskey and scotch even taste like at all? And what of the wines I haven't sampled and the laced coffee drinks I haven't sipped? Oh I know that it's all for a better cause and that there will be time enough later for these things, but you must admit that between exploring the possibilities in a parsnip and those in a spiced rum it's not hard to see where the romance lies. For now though I suppose I will have to be content with cheese and chocolate (and perhaps parsnips), but be forewarned that I have several recipes for yummy rummy Christmas drinks, and I fully intent to use them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... now we know your vise! :) Just kidding. Why can't you have a little sip now...why the long Christmas wait?