October 13, 2007

How do you decorate?

I've been thinking about the things I've compiled in the last year of marriage and the different categories they fall into.

Here are some of the things I've collected and enjoy:

Metal and metal work objects like my sconces and brass candlesticks

Earthenware dishes

cheap glass tea candle votives

What do you have in your house?


Lauren Christine said...

Seasonal decorations!!! I just love changing the house with the weather. Other than that, I really don't collect anything. Except for patterns maybe :)

Trina said...

Delft blue China dishes (I am dutch, and love pieces to remind me of my heritage)

Pedestal vases. I love arranging flowers and everything looks more elegant with a little florist foam and a fancy vase. I pick up one occasionally at the thrift store, until now my shelf is overflowing and I must pause my collecting till we have a bigger house!

I love seasonal decorations, too, and try to have a centerpiece of seasonal flowers or leaves or gourds or pinecones. Right now my centerpiece is a glass cake stand with oak leaves and gourds. Total cost? $3.50 for the gourds!