July 7, 2008


I feel like a real lindy dancer. My Aris Allens came in last week, and I have just come from trying them out. They are great.

Yes they don't look like what you might expect in a dance shoe. Lindy hoppers like to keep it low.


Kat said...

Hi Natalie...this sooo has nothing to do with dancing shoes so please forgive me beforehand. May I ask you how you came to be a Christian, and also how you came to be interested in homeopathy, conservatism,etc? You have written about your parents, pregnancies that could not be diagnosed except through muscle testing, etc. Does you husband also espouse natural healing? Have you always been Presbyterian? Were you a feminist in your former life? Sorry this is so much to ask...but you're dedicated and curious readers would love to know how Natalie became Natalie! :)

Natalie_S said...

Kat, I would love to address some of this. The pregnancy stuff can be addressed right here. Short view on that: ignorance, compounded by gaps in medical coverage due in part to moving, and exacerbated by the sudden onset of various physical symptoms. I had diagnosis ranging from hysterical pregnancy to low thyroid function to having an anterior placenta. It wasn't that we used muscle-testing exclusively either. We'd found it helpful for understanding such things as what to do with a sluggish colon and why I couldn't tolerate a particular brand of cereal. We did seek out other means of diagnosis, but as I pointed out often found them contradictory. And in some of this I was led by a husband and mother-in-law who perhaps weren't making the best use of the available facts. They've apologized and reconsidered though, and we'll know better next time. It was a hard time for everyone because we really didn't know what to think, and some people were being quite hurtful about the whole thing. We ended up jumping one way when we should have jumped the other. Some people don't like/understand that.

Katy said...

Thank for the answer...I've just begun to get interested in homeopathy and have wondered how it has worked for others. Only time will tell I suppose...but we can only make the best decisions we can based on the facts we have.