July 12, 2008

Sailing in the Harbor

I did actually take a few pictures of the area we were sailing around. However with the rise and sway of the ship most of them were somewhat fuzzy, and no matter how you cut it a blurry picture of Fort Sumter just isn't that interesting. As I may have mentioned before, this is one of my favorite sets from the whole trip. I hope you enjoy them.

I couldn't get enough of the sails and ropes -sheets and lines I think to the initiate. Those ships really were beautiful. Can you imagine old Charleston Harbor full of these graceful vessels?

With sails like these who knows where you'll land? My favorite picture of the trip.

She was a handsome thing of knots and timber. Another of my favorite shots.

I love the peace of some of these shots. There was a beautiful, restful harmony of wind harnessed in canvas and cord.

You might almost have thought this ship had been painted and packed so as to strike notes from the dusk.

Framed with timber and rope, watching the sun set behind the battery was something not to miss with all the church steeples strung out across the city.

Unfortunately this is the best picture I could get of the bridge. The ship's movement made distant shots almost impossible. This still gives you an idea though of how fine it looked strung out across the harbor.

That (finally) concludes our visit to Charleston. Later I'll post some of our pictures from Savannah and Jekyll Island.

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Elisa M said...

These are beautiful Natalie. The third one (of the sails) is stunning.