January 31, 2009

civilization and the joys of indoor plumbing

As some of you may know I'm contemplating a trip out west this coming spring/summer. To that end I've been researching destinations, gear, activities, etc, and I've come across multiple outfitters offering canoe and pack trips into the Yellowstone Wilderness and immediately I start thinking about getting off the asphalt and seeing what few people have ever seen -clear waters, high peaks, and gorgeous meadows. Then I make the mistake of clicking on the rates page. Apparently getting away from it all and pretending to live like a wandering cowboy requires a thorough knowledge of Wall Street. The mind attempts to seize alternatives. Rental? We could rent a canoe, stash our tent in it, and do a little meandering of our own. Except I read here that if you flip your boat over you have approximately 28min to get out of the water before you die of hypothermia. Also the water can go from smooth as glass to 4ft waves in a remarkably short space of time. Did I mention that if you fall out of the boat you have under 30min to get out of the water? 4ft waves notwithstanding? Hmmmm....I'm thinking that might be a little beyond our skill level. Combine all the previous with the fact that I believe indoor plumbing was a great advancement in civilization, and I'm starting to appreciate the glowing lights of civilization. In fact I'm beginning to suspect that I'm really just a very tame house cat who like to fluff out my fur and preen whenever I see a real lion on tv. I have a certain admiration for people who get their thrills standing on a peak in the Cascades, but snuggling up comfortably on the couch with a book as it's comforts as well.

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