March 30, 2009


So everyone once in a while it seems like the world is about to go all topsy turvy on me. It's been a close to a year though, and really moving to Boston area didn't sound all that bad as far as ripping yourself up by roots and heading up into yankee territory goes. I could see advantages to it. Well, apparently it's that time of year again. By all accounts it would be quite the career coup if Allen swung this job. By his estimation there are about 3-4 equally or better qualified than him -all he believes to be happily employed. So it would appear that Allen has a pretty good shot at it. It would mean promotion, a HUGE salary increase, a very sweet entry on his resume, an opportunity to work with something he's helped develop over that past half dozen years, and (the biggie) a move to Silicon Valley.

Wifey dearest is mildly freaking out. Which is to say I'm exhausted just thinking about it. There is this huge part of me that really hopes Allen gets this job and makes good in a huge way. For one thing we could use a few more pennies in our piggy bank, but I would really love to see Allen come into his own as a respected figure in his field. If that means moving to California I'm all for it. (That was the proud, loyal wife speaking.) There is this other part of me that is absolutely screaming, fists pounding on the floor, at the thought of moving to California. Visit? Yes. Move? No. I actually like Alabama thank you very much. Granny and Mamaw and Grandmom and Granddad all live here. Not to mention siblings, parents, cousins, etc. Did I mention my church? I'd have to leave my church. And I'd end up in California. There's a part of me that's ready for something to happen -for us to really grow into our married lives and for Allen to grow into his career. I just never thought that would involve us moving to California. Never. Nope. (Ok, being a programmer's wife I knew Silicon Valley might loom in my future, but most of the geeks I know are perfectly able to get along without it.) Erg.

Anyway, this is all tentative, speculative, don't know what is actually going to happen, etc. But I'm still sort of freaking out. And my natural response to such freakoutery is to want to curl up in bed and sleep until there's an actual decision to be made. Not exactly an awesome thing to do.

(See when I say I like adventures it's more the "choose your own" type. I don't do so well being airlifted into them."


rahraht said...

Just'd be a little closer to Oregon for the adventure you've been dreaming of. Although it's still a little cold for water sports here :)

Serena said...

California is actually a great place to live! It took me years to finally reconcile myself to that fact, but I now love it. For one thing: the food. The fruit. The vegetables. The dairy and the rice. Oh, heavenly! And there's the Pacific Ocean, like you said. There are so many outdoors things to do, too. I won't mention cost of living, though. Let's just focus on the positive. ;)