March 14, 2007

grr...the Lappy's broken.

It's kind of hard to have a blog when your dear husband works from home over the internet and then spends time relaxing in front of the computer -especially when the laptop is down. Yep, that insidious temptation to sloth has been removed to the far off reaches (ok, Memphis) of an official repair center to have all it's bits put back in order. That's mostly ok with me. I just read instead of goofing off on the internet, but that does mean that I can't blog when I have the notion or peruse ebay or anything of the normal things I like to do at odd intervals of the day. To be fair, my dear husband is more than willing to offer me computer time, but I admit to feeling a wee tad bad about taking his computer time and not spending time with him while's he's off the computer. (There's some very bad logic hidden in that last statement if you can find it.) Ah well, hopefully it will be back soon. Until my presense will be sporadic.

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