June 25, 2008

Blog friend, blog friend where have you gone?

One my blog friends, Elisa, is taking down her blog soon. Fortunately I have the privilege of knowing her in real life, so it's not as though all is lost. Her announcement just made me realize how much I like having lives written down in words. They become like favorite stories I can turn to again and again. When I'm tired, lonely, don't feel I fit in, mad, or even outrageously happy I can turn to these lives like turning pages in a book and find the comfort and camaraderie I seek.

For instance, while giving her blog a farewell read I came across a post in which Elisa blogged on her seeming disconnect with her culture as a young, single woman. From my vantage point I want to say "No way, hosea! You have the perfect single life -cooking, gardening, friends and pesto, Sunday morning bike rides to Starbucks, that glorious bike, walking distance to the botanical gardens!?!?1" Like I said -perfect single life. But there are all these reasons why Elisa didn't feel like she fit into the role. There are all these reasons I feel like I don't fit into my role. Why it shouldn't be the same for people around me I don't know. But I made that assumption. Then I stumbled back upon that blog post and found what a ridiculous assumption it was. Maybe other people feel the same way? Maybe I should stop projecting? Just a thought.

Anyway, it's been a wonderful trip reading her blog till now. I'll miss it.

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Lauren Christine said...

I love a good blog when I'm feeling a bit 'out of it' too :) I must admit, walking distance to the botanical gardens sounds mighty nice!!!