June 25, 2008

Yummy, yummy eggs

Last night Allen fixed us some wonderful omelets for supper. There are plenty of times when Allen will chop, and I'll cook. Omelet nights are the reverse. I chop, and Allen is one who really makes all the yummy happen. These were Allen's first attempt a recreating an omelet he had at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin -namely their baked potato omelet. For these Allen and I used 3 baked red potatoes, 8 sliced of crumbled bacon, approx. 3/4c chopped green onions, aged Australian cheddar, and a total of six eggs for our two omeletes. Plus various seasonings of course. They were so good. To make them you sprinkle the bacon pieces and chopped onion on the eggs as they are cooking in the pan. Then after you've flipped it you add pieces of baked potato and cheese and fold over. As to seasonings a sprinkling of salt and pepper beaten into the eggs is sufficient. I like to add red pepper, but Allen can tell you I'm a cayenne junky. As to temperature, times, and flippablity I can say very little. Allen is the egg genius in the family. I mostly just scramble 'em with cheese. Not only were the omelets very good, the leftovers scramble up wonderfully. Today I scrambled up the leftover green onions with half a red potato lightly sauteed in butter, salt, pepper, and cayenne. Very satisfying with a slice of whole grain, 3-seed toast spread with coconut oil.

I love it when Allen cooks for me.

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mrsidotf said...

That sounds so good! I need to try more with eggs. I usually am a scrambled with cheese girl too.