June 12, 2008

Carriage Ride around Charleston

In exchange for sitting through a promotional spiel we got free tickets to several pleasant excursions in and around Charleston -including a carriage tour of the area. I think next time though we're going to have to walk because even carriage pace is too fast to really see much less capture much of the place.

This the inn where Col. Robert E. Lee stayed at the time of one of the Charleston fires. He actually saved the inn by ordering wet linens to be hung in the windows facing the fire. At that time of the year the linens were actually wool and were actually quite good protection. Unfortunately time and neglect did what the fire couldn't, and there was no Col. Lee to save it this time. The current inn is actually a reconstruction. It's still pretty though.

Due to the zoning regulations that govern historic Charleston you won't find any modern convenience stores or gas stations. You will, however, find little mom and pop operations scattered around the district.

This is one of several beautiful, large houses on the tip of the Battery overlooking Charleston Harbor. One of them boasts a pair of pigs guarding the entryway. The owner is actually a higher up in the Piggly Wiggly chain -possibly the owner.

Just one of the many houses in historic Charleston. I absolutely loved the masses of confederate jasmine growing up around these old homes. The flowers are so delicate, but it has a ripe, lazy scent that just hangs in the air all along these old streets.

After our carriage ride we went and walked through Battery Park. It's dotted here and there with statues of various people and events important to the history of Charleston. Dixie.

In the middle of the park they have a large, elevated gazebo. Every direction you look the tall pillars and arched roof frames another beautiful old live oak.

And here's a statue of General Moultrie.

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Allen Short said...

for reference, the statue is of William Moultrie, a general in the War for Independence -- he was born in Charleston.