June 4, 2008

midweek and all's well

Had a job interview today for a substitute teaching position. Really have very little clue as to how that went. Everyone was very pleasant of course, and I think I spoke well. It just depends on what what they want. Not having much classroom experience of course is a negative, but we'll see how they feel. I suppose I'll get a call in a week or so. At least it's not a traditional school, so they're used to bringing in people without a terrific amount of formal training.

Health class starts tomorrow which means I need to get my ducks in a row around here. This week started out pretty exhausting for me for some physical and emotional reasons. Haven't quite gotten back up to speed yet.

Tomorrow or Friday I may post some more vacation pictures. We'll see how my day goes.

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Loren said...

will be waiting to hear how the interview went :)