April 11, 2009

Any advice from my readers?

I really appreciate all the comments and encouragement I've been getting from all of you lately. This has not been an easy thing for me to contemplate doing. I'd like a bit of advice on something though. Everything so far has seemed to be pointing us to an earlier leave date -something like the last Wednesday of this month. Of course considering that I've only been thinking about moving to Cali for the past week and a half this seems entirely too fast, but from a purely practical perspective we could do it. So on one hand this all seems entirely too fast; I'll miss a young friend's dance recital; I'll miss a church party that has been anticipated, postponed, and on the calendar for over a month now, and I do feel rather as though I've been pulled up rudely by my roots. Would staying around longer is a hotel or someone's spare bedroom give me more closure?

On the other hand: our lease runs out this month, we really do want to take a tour of the West on our way out (although this could be trimmed down), Allen's new manager at Apple wants him out there sooner rather than later, and in the end would moving all our things around and living out of a suitcase for the last week and a half before heading out on the road really be less stressful than simply heading out on the road? (Tom, if you're reading this -the young'uns could use some advice -you've moved about quite a bit. How does one handle it?) Oh yes, one final bit of thinking. If we moved out earlier rather than later we'd be able to use Memorial Day as a free traveling day to go poking around a bit in Cali. We're trying to maximize Allen's vacation time so we'll be able to stay to fly back home and reconnect with family without using up all his vacation days so that Allen and I don't get any time off just to ourselves.

Thoughts? Support? Sympathetic sounding noises?

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