April 22, 2009

California resolutions

I know that New Year's is the typical time to make resolutions, but I'm thinking that moving to a new state is a pretty good time to bust out some better habits. Plus, I'm going have a lot more time by myself since Allen will be working out of the house, and I won't be working (certainly not at first anyway) So here are my California Resolutions:

1. Cook more for myself.

Cereal is easy. So is peanut butter on a rice cake. The problem is that I don't think doing so many grains is really that great for me. So top on the resolution list is buying a blender and learning to make smoothies, hummus, and other raw, low carb foods for myself. Hopefully this will improve my energy levels and shake off that stress weight I've gained.

2. Take more ownership in my kitchen.

Are you sensing a theme here? Unfortunately, most days I view cooking as a chore. I'm also more of a casserole/huge pot of soup type cook than anything, but I'd like to learn more about cooking "special meals." So the idea is start small and see if I can't learn to enjoy the process. Also, Allen does waaaaay too many dishes. I need to get on the ball about that.

3. No actually I really need to get in shape.

I know this is on every resolution list, and everyone sort of nods and understands that a couple weeks at the gym is about all anyone gets out of this. However, Apple does have a gym where I believe Allen and I could work out together. I'm also thinking about making bikability a priority wherever we decide to live.

4. Make the effort to keep up with family.

I've set up the blog for family and some church folks to keep up with us. Now I just need to keep up with it.

5. Get plugged into our new church.

We've had a church recommended to us that we're pretty sure we'll end up attending. My goal is to really plug myself in there and see if I can't use my wife without kids status to serve the church. Much better than moping because I don't have kids and aren't terribly career minded.

6. Not. Get. Lazy.

This is the meta-resolution that encompasses pretty much everything I want to do out in Cali. That's why working on my diet is number one. It's sort of hard to push your boundaries when you can't roll out of bed in the morning.

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