April 15, 2009

Why didn't anyone tell me they closed the roads???

Being the simple Alabama girl that I am, it didn't occur to me that May would be the August Bank Holiday of the wild and woolies. Seriously. Hardly anything is open in May. All the winter activities have closed down, but very few of the spring activities have started. Maybe I should replan our trips? On one hand five nights in Yellowstone followed by a couple in Teton while folks are far away waiting for the summer rafting and horsepacking seasons to open seems like the ideal way to get up close to some really amazing scenery. On the other hand, that might mean getting close and personal with freezing or below temperatures and muddy trails. Hmmmm, what to do...Make an abbreviated trip? Bypass these parks entirely? Drive through Colorado and leave Wyoming for a more auspicious season? I have a friend who knows a lot about these sorts of things. Maybe I'll ask him. Of I could call my dad. They went there a year or two ago I think.

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Anonymous said...

Head on the southern route (I moved west in January) - you can still hit some really cool places - for my sister and I it was Graceland and the Petrefied Forest.