April 6, 2009

This before that

Lol, so apparently nothing can really happen until they do a background check and determine that Allen really is basically a clean-cut twenty-something year old with rather good credit (does one have good credit when one has never borrowed money?). With everything happening so fast it's good to know that I'm going to have about a week to start figuring things out before the hiring manager and the recruiter are both asking Allen when he can start and how soon they can come pack up our stuff.

Part of me is still a bit anxious since Allen won't be receiving a formal offer until after the background check, (many's the slip betwixt cup and lip, etc) but really I can't see what there is to prevent it happening. I'm excited for Allen, but mostly at this point I'm simply tired from the speed at which my head has been spinning for the past few days/hours.

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natalie said...

(does one have good credit when one has never borrowed money?)

No, as we discovered to our disappointment when buying our first home, one does not. Good credit scores, if I understand right, are based solely on the repayment of past loans. So if you haven't had a loan, you're an unknown, which means you have no credit. You don't have bad credit, so it could be worse, but it still was a problem when we tried to buy a home- we had to find a local bank where some family banked, and they agreed to take on our mortgage.

Hope everything goes really smoothly if/when you move!