May 31, 2008

want to instead of should do

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but when it comes to housework I've discovered that whenever I focus more on what I'd like to do than what I should do I actually get more of what I should do done. For instance, giving into the urge for self-fulfilling housework, I cleaned about a quarter inch of dust off of my baker's rack and completely reorganized it. There's tons of other stuff that's probably a higher priority like cleaning out the laundry area, picking up my bedroom, and wiping down the kitchen counters. BUT! When I make up a should do list my ninja powers of procrastination kick in, and I can hardly make myself get two things done. My want to list? I can fly though it in about an hour or less because I'm doing things that make me feel better about my home. Although they might not be the things that my mom would want me doing if she were standing over my shoulder, part of the point is that she isn't. My home. My chore list. It's not about what my mom thinks I should do anymore. I'm an adult. I can make decisions. It's about time I started taking a little ownership of my own life.

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