January 13, 2009

Blogger and blahs

Cutest blog on the block is down/sporadic right now, and I really don't want to go back to any of the blogger templates right now. That's why my blog is still stuck on Christmas. I was going to pull out my digi scraps and put something together, but my brain is being a little bonkers right now. It's annoying when I'm mentally alert and physically asleep on the couch. Since I know that anything other than complete knockdown drag-out flu symptoms wouldn't be an acceptable reason for not going to work tomorrow I'm taking it easy today hoping to make tomorrow easier. Just another reason to love working with my friend. When I called her up this morning letting her know of my "not sick in bed, but not really up to par" self she came up with one thing I could do to help her. I did it. I got back home, and I'm not exhausted from being on my feet for three hours when I'd rather be on the couch sipper ginger tea. I'm still feeling a little antsy though. Staying on the couch for too many hours puts me in a funk. Maybe I'll haul around some light furniture for about 15 minutes and call it good.

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