January 23, 2009

Peer Pressure

Allen was teasing me about giving into peer pressure because not too long after coming back from our church's women's retreat I pulled out my knitting needles and started working up some of my stash yarn into a wrap. It's fun though, and using stash yarn means I get a thrifty wrap in the bargain. Speaking of thrifty, I found this oh so cute wrap pattern on Ravelry. It's $7.99 for one pattern, but I really love it's simplicity. It's this one pictured. I'll probably end up buying the pattern (even though I rarely spend that much on a single pattern of any kind) just so I won't have to try and jury rig it. The yarn though in another matter. 120 dollars the kit costs. As Allen remarked "and that's for something you have to assemble." I used to think of knitting as thrifty. Apparently that's not always the case. Apparently. At any rate it's nice to pick up my needles again.


Elisa M said...

that wrap is adorable!

CK said...

I love it.

emily Gerhold said...

I'm not sure if this is kosher information to share, but I was looking for a better description of this pattern after seeing it here, and I think I found the directions for free on someone's blog.


Anyway, I thought you might like to save the 7.99.

By the way, I found your blog from the sensibility site a while ago - I'm not just a random weirdo (I promise!)