April 28, 2007

wandering down a companionable street

It seems that I've peeked into quite a few windows of late -by which I mean that I've been to a few blogs. No peeping toms here! But it's so interesting. Peek into one window and you'll find half-harried/half-laughing mom amid her joyfully erupting family. Through another window you see a woman placidly sewing while an open book reposes tempting on the coffee table. Walk down yet a little further and you will see a pair of young mothers chatting together as they shepherd their tiny flock. If you were to stroll down that side path there you'd come to a pristine little house with quaint old dishes and dainty linens. Some rooms you spy are crisp and businesslike, other cluttered with old books or children's toys. A few have cozy little needle-point cushions scattered over be-tassled chairs. What fun to peer through these windows and see all the various scenes of life enacted. Yet eventually I return to my own window. Do I like what I see? The scene through that window wants work. And yet, there is much love. Amid the boxes still unpacked and the dishes still unwashed there is love. And with that love comes healing and strength. One box, one attitude, one dish, one prayer -one simple step at a time all things are coming to where they belong to be. But then...that's true of all life and not just what you see through my window.


Sallie said...

I love this post.. I read it as if reading it from a devotional book..
what a talent you have!!

God bless,

Serena said...

Sweetly put!

Trina said...

Wonderful, Natalie. Thanks for the picture you painted.

Bobbie-Jo said...

That really was very sweet, Natalie! I could even see myself through on of the windows! You made all of the women you wrote about seem valuable, interesting and contributing. Thanks.

Sweetproserpina said...

This is the first time I'm commenting on your blog, but I have wandered here before and peeked in. It's lovely. *grin* I really enjoyed this post because it's putting words to something so very true. Blogs are such fun little snippets of other's lives. Just a peek, mind you, but such fun.
Cheers- meg
(from over at the S&S board)

Natalie said...

Thank you all very much for your kind comments.As a writer, they are very heartening.