May 1, 2007

My living room is unpacked!!!

After a bunch of fuss and bother and quite a few days of not really wanting to get things done I finally got my living room completely unpacked! That does not, however, mean that it is currently completely clean : p But I'm happy to say that my living room does show evidence that people actually live here rather than merely inhabit it.


This is the bakers rack that some dear friends gave us when we got married. Since cabinet space is an issue I use it for dishes and glassware that's either too pretty or too large to store elsewhere. The table is an old one of my in-laws that they had been storing.


I love having a fireplace. My folks aways had one, and it was very much missed when I left. The mirror is a $10 thrift store find : D The dolls and figurines my mom bought me over the years. It was a tradition that every Christmas (and I can't remember when this started) that all of us girls would get a Madame Alexander doll. The one year mom skipped there was much gnashing of teeth from the girl children.


This is the bookcase my FIL made for Allen a while back that we got to take with us when we got married. Good thing too because we love books!


Here's my couch and rocking chair. The quilt was another wedding present from my aunt.


I'm obnoxiously proud of this little end table/shelf. I bought it unfinished from Michael's then spray painted and stenciled it myself. I personally think it's one of the cutest things in the room : )

After having some days where I could barely get off the couch and get supper ready, I'm so pleased with the progress I've made in getting things set up and organized. I've already made a big dent in finishing the bedroom since I got the living room straight, but it's not picture ready yet. I might post some when I finish though.


Loren said...

Looks great Nat!!! Love the painting you did on those little shelves. :D

Corin said...

Looks great Natalie!

What a creative idea for an end table! It's so cute!

Serena said...

It looks so nice! And I LOVE the end table. It is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Natalie, what a lovely house you have. I'm not even there and I can just feel the homey touch that it has. Great job on the bookshelf...and your Baker's Rack is just beautiful. Enjoy your new home and don't over due it unpacking with the baby and all, I know it can take it's toll on a pregnant mama! Blessings, Melissa D. SC

Michelle said...

Hi, Natalie! I love that bookshelf your FIL built. It is beautiful! We, too, love books. What a blessing that is. Oh, and I think your end table is quite the cute thing, too. ;)

Michelle (herbalgirl from CMOMB)