May 16, 2007

Thinking about cooking

Ok, this isn't really a recipe post. It's more of a celebration of my husband's love of food. I can hardly fix a thing without him showering me with thanks and compliments. For someone who's family laughed her out of the kitchen on a regular basis it is sweet balm to my heart. Seriously, I was considered the one who couldn't boil water*, but now I soar along on my husband's unabashed enjoyment of my culinary skills. If you were to ask me I'd classify myself as more of a family or "man's" cook. I like thick soups and yummy casseroles and roasted or browned/fried meats. I like lot's of herbs and spices and butter and oil. Fresh, organic veggies are a must. I tend to make it up as I go along --freely interpreting and improvising off of recipe ideas. I cook with my nose and my fingers and my eyes. I like colors and flavors. I don't like doing the dishes afterwards, but appreciative husbands make wonderful kitchen helpers. For specific recipes like cookies or a lovely quiche I just might break out my teaspoons and tablespoons. For most anything else it's butter and oregano and broth and flour until it smells right, feels right, tastes right. I'm not sure exactly why I cook this way, but I thank God that He's given me the ability to do so and a husband who appreciates and encourages me.

*Ok, that might not be completely accurate since my dad did thoroughly appreciate my chocolate meringue pie which I learned to make from his mom, but other than that I was pretty much considered hopeless.


Anna said...


I've been checking your blog regularly for news about your dr's appointment. Is there anything you can share? I've been worried!


natalie said...

How encouraging! I cook like that too. :-) I especially identified with what you said about "it's butter and oregano and broth and flour" until it's right. Yes, yes, yes... I used to wish I could cook consistently from recipes, having everything turn out just like in the pictures (although there isn't any way you can make many of those glamorous recipes for a family of eight, not without breaking the grocery budget), but I've been blessed by hearing my fiance appreciate my cooking! He even thinks I'm talented because I can just experiment and make something-- whereas I always felt like my way of cooking was more of a defect than an asset!
Anyway... I haven't commented on your blog before, but I just discovered it recently and really identified with this post and thought I'd say hi and let you know. :-)

~ another Natalie :-)