May 16, 2007

"What I've been up to lately" or "Some domestic acchievements"

I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't been posting very much lately. I think part of it is that I've been getting my house together more lately. In the past I've had rather a time of it trying to keep up with things -and I don't even have that much to keep up with! As I've confessed on here before, I haven't had very good work habits or thought patterns. It's just one of those things I grew up with and am finding it a bit slow to grow out of. However, I'm excited to say that I've done much better lately. For instance, there have been times in the past when I'd look up and it'd be too late or I'd be too tired or I'd forget to go to the store or something, and we'd have to go out to eat if we wanted something other than a sandwich. So it wasn't unusual for us to go out up to 3x a week. This wasn't something that my husband really wanted to do, but he also didn't want to pressure me while I was tired and stressed over various things. Well sometime the week before last Allen told me that he'd really like up to be able to only eat out once a week. Last week I made that my goal. I planned out our meals and tried to plan so that there were leftovers in the fridge for those days when I was just tired out and didn't feel like standing in the kitchen for an hour. Guess what? I did it! We didn't have to go out once! This week so far so good as well. We did stop by taco bell once because that afternoon Allen found out about a speaker he wanted to hear, and I didn't have time to get my meat thawed and cooked before we'd have to leave. But Allen didn't mind that because it wasn't lack of planning on my part -it was him disrupting plans I'd already made. Really he doesn't mind much anyway because he's a patient man, and he knows I'm trying. It just helps to know what he wants me to be aiming for. Ok, one more thing, and I'll stop bragging on myself. I have days where I just feel sluggish and fuzzy headed, and I don't feel like getting anything done. Well yesterday started out like that. However, instead of curling up on the couch like I wanted to I went and picked up the living room, bathroom, and bed room, put away the laundry, and vacuumed the living room, bed room and hall. I also fixed cube steak for supper, and got us out the door ON TIME to hear this man speak again. Sometimes I feel like I can't hardly get one of those things done, but yesterday I did all three! I was so excited! Then to top it all off after we came home Allen and I watched Nero Wolfe and ate some leftover cheesecake. That was a very good day. The only room I have left that I haven't gotten in order since the move in the back bedroom which is currently functioning as an office/sewing room/storage room. I'm going to get in a little on it this afternoon, but I really need Allen to help me on this since it's got his papers and electronic stuff in there as well, and I haven't a clue how he wants all that organized. I'm not exactly sure he knows either, but it's still something I need his help on. Anyway, I'm excited about the progress I'm making in consistently taking care of my home.

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