February 26, 2008

And....we bought a car!

I called up the dealership selling the car we didn't get last night, and they offered it at 1k under the buy it now. Yeah. So why did they hoist up the BIN so high? I don't get it either. Anyway, even with dealer fees and delivery we're getting a pretty good deal. Of course now I'm sort of kicking myself for not haggling more with them, but since they price they offered was under our highest bid in the auction I really can't think we did so badly. And it has a sunroof!!! Pretty green paint and a sunroof for fun. Cargo space (for camping) and a 4cyl engine (lower gas mileage) for practicality. We should get it in around 2-3 weeks. Squeeee!


Elisa M said...

That is very exciting! I just found your blog...very nice to meet you here on the information superhighway!

Serena said...

That is great! My brother and sister-in-law had a CR-V for a while, and the one time I drove it, I loved it! I would definitely consider buying one!