February 28, 2008

More friends to meet

Real quick I wanted to mention Cassia and Brian's blogs to which I've freshly linked. Cassia is wife of our assistant pastor and an all around beaming, quirky, awesome sort of woman. Brian is chief musician at our church, and takes a mean photo. Just found their blogs today and look forward to digging into their lives a little more.

Also, drat that Allen just when I was feeling bad about not getting stuff done he up and introduces me to a game that had me obsessively complusively building plasma sentry units and marching them around their pixelated planet. Lesson learned though. Allen cares more about whether I'm having fun than whether I'm doing dishes.


Brian T. Murphy said...

hey thanks for the shout out.

blogs = awesome, especially mine, which happens to also be the worstweblogintheworld.

CK said...

Natalie! I'm honored to be linked by you. My blog is more awesome than Brian's. (That's not really true, but I like to bluff.)