February 11, 2008

New Furniture!!!

Well, Allen and I have been busy the last few days. I've been really wanting some living room chairs so I can feel like I have an actual living room and not just a sofa and a bookcase. Well, what started out as a hunt for chairs actually became a regular living room make-over. While pricing chairs I found a sofa. I could get it in brown. I had been dreaming of a brown sofa for the longest time. But......doubts about the suitablity of dark brown assail me. Desire for colors. Not worth the extra $150 to get brown. Utter suitability of a pleasant new leaf green for blending into my existing colors. The in-store discount credit will cover the cost of a lovely lamp which I'd need anyway to balance out the lighting on both sides of the room. Presto, sofa! Also, a lamp with a suggested retail price so far out of my budget (and thrifty sensibilities) that I can't quite believe it's sitting in my living room. Like her heroine's dresses in a GLH novel it's one of those ridiculously simple affairs without fuss or ornamentation which yet manages to put itself unequivically above all it's cheap and fussily ornamented relations - a beautiful wood base simply turned and polished surmounted by a creamy shade. The chairs are $99 wonders from IKEA in Atlanta. Barrel chairs uphostered with sturdy unbleached cotton and slender wooden legs. We've put them on either side of the bookcase and have rearranged the bookcase so that I can display my knick-knacks to better advantage -mostly my Madam Alexander dolls along with various photos and trinkets I've picked up over the years. There's a really curious people of driftwood I once found. From one direction it looks like a ship with its sails full. From another it looks like a woman with her hair and draperies blowing in the breeze. I don't even remember where I found it now.

At any rate I have been quite busy. I'd like to sort of take today off and enjoy the mild breezes blowing through my living room, but unfortunately I have to get this place ready for health class tonight. I'm so glad we can host this, but it does sort of put one on a deadline.

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Ruth said...

Missing you at cmomb!