February 18, 2008

Living with limits

I sort of apologize for that last post. For some reason my cycle just completely knocked me off my feet this time around. Well, that on top of a very busy previous week and trying to ward off whatever seems to be going around.

And I'm still not very good at setting limits during these sorts of seasons. I start setting and meeting goals. Something sets my energy level back, and I get all sorts of frustrated that I'm not getting done what I should be getting done. I don't want to be lazy. I want to get stuff done. But there are times when I don't start things because I'm scared of getting tired/busy and having one more unfinished project laying around reminding me of whatever productive thing I could be doing. It's something I'm working on. Being productive and happy during my slow times instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed by everything else. Speaking of which I have a cake that needs to get in the oven.

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Trina said...

Hormones can be such monsters, sometimes, can't they?
though my cycle is not very regular, I can usually tell when it is coming - things on the radio made me cry 3 times yesterday! My husband helped me laugh it off. :) Give yourself a break, dear - you have the freedom in this season! If your body wants to rest, let it. Use this time to work on reading some books that are on your reading list. Train yourself to feel accomplished from simply some good reading!