February 25, 2008

Ebay car buying woes

Ok, we've pretty much narrowed it down to a '99/'00 Honda CR-V -with a sunroof. I really want that sunroof. The issue though is actually finding one in good shape that we can afford. It can be frustrating to be sure. We just came within $600 of the buy it now price on one auction, and the reserve still says "unmet." Jeesh. Don't know why the bother using the auction feature at all. Might as well make it a BIN only auction and be done with it. There's another car coming up we might be interested it, but the upper peninsula of Michigan is a long ways away if we were to go pick it up. And then there's shipping if we didn't go up there and plane tickets if one or both of us did. I admit this is one of the times when a swimming pool full of money would come in handy. Plunk down the cash. Get the car. Go home. Done. Still, even without the swimming pool full of money, at least we aren't diving into car payments. Ick. That wouldn't be a jolly way to do things.

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