February 21, 2008

Car buying

I don't much like buying things on a deadline.I like to browese through ebay and wander around the local thrift stores (or the local Laz-y-Boy) until I find exactly what I want. Of course then sometimes there's a sale ending to consider and the opportunity costs, but it's nothing too bad. It's when the transmission goes out on your ONLY vehicle that things really get interesting. Cause then all of a sudden we have to decide what car we want and how much we want to spend on it and how long we expect to keep it. Yeah. And of course what I want is stretching our definition of what we can afford. And what I want is stretching Allen's definition of "want." Isn't marriage fun :D Allen for the Honda and me for the Toyota (and the one I want would be the more expensive of the two =). It will get sorted out eventually. At least we can borrow my in-law's superfluous van for a while until we find something suitable. It's just part of the ever expanding list of firsts for the not so newly wed.

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Lauren Christine said...

Ah... car problems are so yuck! I hope you find what your looking for :)