May 5, 2008

At least I've cooked supper (or where did my day go?)

I need to be getting the apartment clean and things ready for our trip. Instead I'm tired and half brain dead. All that stuff I was going to do. Barely started. That special surprise I was working on for a friend. Haven't touched it. Long week + time of month + lots to do = tired Natalie. And I would just come across Anna's inspiring post about housewifery today. Too bad I'm too brain dead to feel more than slightly guilty about it. Maybe we'll try for inspired tomorrow. For now I'm just glad that there's a great big pot of soup bubbling on the stove for a very easy supper. That salad shooter makes fast work of carrots and zucchini. AND! There will be plenty to freeze for reheating later at the campsite when I just don't want to lug out the dutch oven. Hmmm, supper made and camp prep in the works. I don't feel so guilty now. I think I'm going to retire to the back bedroom with a Pratchett book until I work up the oomph to face that stack of clothes again. I have some serious sorting and putting away to do. Serious.

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Angela said...

Checking in to tell you I was thinking about you and to send my love (((hug)))

Hope all is well. You continue to be in my prayers. :)

God bless...Angela (Angelbee on CMOMB)