May 18, 2008

We're back!!!!

Allen and I are back from our vacation. Now I think I need another one we were so busy. First we went to Hilton Head with Allen's folks to see where Allen and his brothers were young. (This was Aaron's graduation trip.) Then after they left to go home Allen and I headed north to Charleston where we spent a very pleasant few days. From there we took a day trip to Hunting Island (don't bother) while meandering down to Savannah. Two nights in Savannah plus a change of plans led us to Jekyll Island (a place from my childhood). Another change of plans involving rain and mosquito swarms led us back home last night. Lunch/afternoon spent with friends with church afterwards. Back at home deleting endless freecycle and flylady e-mails and catching up on blogs.... I'm tired. Pictures and musing will be posted later this week in between unpacking and scrambling myself back into a routine of sorts.


susan said...

I pretty much spent every spare moment on Hunting Island, SC when I was a child and I still try to make it every other year or so. (At this moment, I'm actually wearing a HI t-shirt.) That place is the home of my heart. I just think it is such a magical place in so many ways. I realize that the beach erosion is pretty much going to preclude the possibility of our little girl getting to spend much time there, but we are going to take her as soon as we can.

Some of the biggest spiritual turning points in my life happened there.

But yes, don't bother going there. Less beach for me. There literally isn't anything there, either. Really. :-)

Natalie_S said...



Totally didn't see that coming. I'm never going to look at the places I drive through the same way ever again. Just because I didn't want to pay an extra $2 to climb the lighthouse doesn't mean it can't be the home of someone's heart.

Thanks for that reminder.