May 28, 2008

Hilton Head- evening pictures

Since these pictures were taken in something of a higgledepigglety order I'm loosely grouping them by theme.

The boardwalk over from our condo. In the mornings you could see all kinds of birds along with a few thousand snails and fiddler crabs. I never saw so much coastal/sea life on any trip as I saw on this one.

The sun setting behind a tidal pool. One pool Allen and I found on a morning walk must have contained 50-100 tiny hermit crabs. All but one or two of them were smaller than my pinky nail.

Allen playing frisbee with his dad and brothers. Except for the first night when the wind was outrageous things were pretty calm for our stay at Hilton Head.

Allen and Aaron decided they were going to try building an arch out of sand. Of course when they finished it was pitch dark. Hence the picture. It stood up though. As you might guess, Aaron loves sandcastles. That's one of the reasons he wanted to come to Hilton Head -the sand is so much better for building than what you normally get on the gulf. The boys also enjoyed getting to see the old house they'd lived in as young'uns along with their old pastor and a few other places they'd remembered.

Tomorrow -fun with sand and sea.

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