February 2, 2007

Just as good as Sam's...

Today for supper I pulled out some frozen chicken pieces I had stashed in the freezer. I had been intending to fry them up, but since I didn't have any coconut oil (we don't use canola oil) I ended up breading them and baking them on a cookie sheet. I took a bite and my tongue captured the nostalgic flavor of Sam's chicken tenders served to a table full of hungry kids. My husband agreed with me. Somehow I had cooked up some childhood memories. Ok, so maybe it's just Sam's chicken made from scratch. Whatever. I like Sam's chicken tenders. Also, I know what's going into these, and I bet you my frying pan that my ingredients are a whole lot better for you. Just in case anyone's listening here's what I put in my breading. Unfortunately I can't really tell you how much since I never measure : )

fine ground WW flour (about 2-3 cups)
one package (column/stack) wheat crackers well crushed
Salt (a good palm full)
Pepper (just a dash)
Onion and Garlic powder (around a tablespoon each)
Paprika (until the mix starts looking a little pink)
Cayenne Pepper (it's good without, but I like to add at least a teaspoon)

If you just wet your finger and get a dab of the mixture to taste you can get a pretty good idea of the flavor and whether or not you need to add anything. Other than that you can just use your instincts. I dip our chicken in an egg and milk mixture first and either fry in coconut oil or bake on a cookie sheet coated liberally with olive oil turning once in 15 min.

Tonight I served our chicken with spicy green beans that I'd cooked up with some onion and garlic powder, a little Braggs, a little tobasco and cumin, and a some thyme. So maybe next time I need to go a little easier on the tobasco =) They were still good.

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Earth Weary said...

Ok, this sounds really good! I am going to have to remember your breading next time I whip up chicken!!


P.S. I snuck over from S+S. :)