February 15, 2007

A very cheesy Valentines (or why cliched /= bad idea)

So I sort of forgot that it was Valentine's Day until lo and behold it was Valentine's Day. I thought it was next week. Didn't have so much as a card for Allen. We weren't planning on doing anything big -just going to play In The Groove at the mall and then to Famous Dave's afterwards. I still felt kind of bad though. Such were the thoughts that ran through my head as I was cleaned up the bedroom from it's previous state of inane clutter. Cleaning the bedroom...duh! So I went and surreptitiously gathered most of the candles from the living room and stashed them on my side of the bed. Then I went and took a shower and shaved my legs before we headed out the door. I admit I felt more than a little cheesy and cliched while I was lighting those candles, but... Let's just say that just because something is cliched doesn't mean it can't be a darn good idea ; ) Mmm, candlelight...maybe after Baby is born I can add a bottle of wine to the recipe.

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