February 2, 2007

praying for the happy ending

I've got a friend, and she's got a friend. And that friend just happens to be a guy who looks like he just might actually possibly could be THE guy. No she hasn't said as much too me. She's a nice girl who doesn't want to run ahead of the relationship. So if said possibly perfect for my friend guy comes across this sight and recognizes himself by the description I'm NOT giving of him them he can blame all the wedding planning on me. And of course I'm not going to for one instant suggest to her that she start planning her wedding. But there's a chance. There's at least a chance that she's going to call me one day and say, "Natalie, he asked me!" And I am so incredibly excited about that chance. I want him to be the one. I want her to fall head over heals in love with this guy and get married and have babies and be happier than she ever though possible in her entire life. Maybe this isn't the one or the time. Maybe God has other plans for my friend. But maybe this is the one. Dear friend I hope this is the one.

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