June 25, 2007

Blame it on my honeymoon....

The first movie Allen and I watched together after we got married was Bride and Prejudice. We flipped a coin, and I won. (We'd rented several movies.) So...snuggled up together in the all embracing expanse of our cabin's cozy couch I received my first introduction to Bollywood. Some months later while probing around Youtube I found this fascinating little video. The music is lighthearted, and a couple of the dresses she wears are absolute dreams. Enjoy!


Corin said...

Oh fun! Thanks for sharing that Natalie! I grew up with neighbors from Fiji and India, and we always had such fun watching their music videos! I still enjoy them!

Serena said...

I love Bollywood movies. If you can possibly find it, you should watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenga. It's really good! A friend of mine is Indian, born in Fiji, so I have her to thank for my love of Bollywood. You should have heard me trying to talk to her about the above movie. "OK, I know I'm not going to pronounce this correctly: dill-wall-ee dull-hann-ya..." You get the picture!

Jean said...

so much fun!
I visit your blog very often.. I really like it!
June is almost done… is your baby coming soon??
God Bless you a lot!

Leigh said...

How are you doing? Have you gone back to the doctor or had any contractions again? I am praying for you!


Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing this video -- our girls have watched it over and over. I absolutely love the dress with the black and white full skirt and red top that she wears toward the beginning, and the full black dress toward the end ... just beautiful.

I'm checking your blog each day to see if you've had your baby yet ... such an exciting time!