June 6, 2007

how not to address someone

I just received an anonymous comment from a woman who signed herself "a sister in Christ" and who proceeded to rebuke me for sins she believes me to have committed. However, that post isn't going to be posted or responded to until at the very least I get a name to go with it. The Bible says that if we have problem with someone we are to go to that person and address them directly and privately. The Bible also says someone can't be convicted save on agreeing testimony from 2 or 3 reliable witnesses. Since this person may not have means of coming to me privately (this is the internet after all), that part of things doesn't really bother me. What is completely inappropriate (and unbiblical) is for her to expect me to answer or even seriously consider her charges without knowing who has accused me.


Leigh said...

Good for you! I couldn't agree more. If poeple are going to claim to be brethren in Christ, then they should act as such. Making cowardly comments, is not the way to act out Christ like behavior. I hope that this person has the decency to give their name.

You are in my prayers daily.

Take care,

Kat said...

Sins? I didn't realize that you had been committing "blog sins"! :)

Natalie said...

Oh I'm sure I've been committing all kinds of sins. The fact that I'm breathing right now is a pretty good indication of that :D

Larry and Deb said...

I'm sorry you're still going through this with people! :( Keep up your good form -- be patient with her! ;)

Love, Deb

Robin said...

You were on my mind and heart today, (((Natalie))).

Have a wonderfully glorious Friday! :) Hugs, Robin (from CMOMB)

TBE said...

I'll just say this...Natalie's homemade gingerbread cookies (made with real molasses!!!) cover a MULTITUDE of sins! Fo' REAL!!!