August 3, 2007

Festive meatloaf

Tonight's meatloaf was a hodgepodge of remembered tricks and impressions from Mom and Grandmom and recipes that I browsed through at Since Allen ok'd it though I thought perhaps I'd share tonight's version. As always, measurements are estimates so go by your own instincts if you try this yourself.


1-1 1/2lb ground beef
3 eggs
1 bulb garlic grated
1 can tomato paste
1 c rolled oats
1 large onion well chopped
1 green bell pepper well chopped.
1/2 basket of baby portobello mushrooms chopped
3-4 tbs finely chopped jalapeno peppers
1lb very sharp chedder cubed (about pea size)
generous splash Braggs Amino Acids (or soy/Worcestershire sauce)...about 2tbs
dash each tobasco and cayenne pepper (to taste)
salt and pepper.

(Since our beef is grass fed from my in-law's farm and tends to be extremely lean I added in a little grape seed oil to make sure things were moist and held together.)


Chop, stir, grate, mix, pop in a pan, and bake on 350 for about an hour.

It turned out a little on the spicy side, but otherwise it was very moist and flavorful. Although I'll probably do some free handing off it in the future, I think this is going to be my basic meatloaf recipe. Little bit Mom, little bit Grandmom, all the way me.

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Betsy said...

What a great recipe!
Have you ever tried "stuffed" meatloaf? You divide the meatloaf mix in half putting half in the pan and make a well- you can stuff it with just about anything- leftover mashed potatoes, mushrooms and cheese, ect. then you top the stuffing with the other half of mix. Kind of a fancy variation. Would you mind sharing your lemon curd recipe also?