August 28, 2007

Organizing and decorating

My poor brain has been fluttering around with ideas for making things nice around here -so much in fact that I haven't been able to settle down to my normal chores and instead find myself flying off to Hobby Lobby, sales flier in hand, to track down some artificial flowers for the bathroom and hearth. Hardly a model of productivity! However yesterday while I was resolutely trying to complete something (tired+scatterbrained/=productive day) I did get the bathroom rather more organized that it's been in ages. I even threw out a vulgar plastic chest I received as part of a gift some years ago and in which I had been storing makeup and sundries. It's really funny how things come together. While I was looking for a new bag I came across some bathroom accessories that coordinated nicely (and actually looked nice themselves) with the odd brownish grayish mottled wallpaper in our bathroom and that matched the bag I was holding in my hand. I adore purple, but due to the various color combinations available to me when we got married I don't have anywhere in the apartment where purple really fits. But now I have my bathroom. There's purple flowers on the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder and my violet makeup bag on top of the cabinet, and just today I went out and bought some really nice purple and white artificial flowers and some ivy and twined them all in around each other with the flowers in a little jar filled with shells collected from here and there. Those are on the shelves over the toilet. Then there's another dish holding a candle surrounded by my prettiest beach findings sitting on the bathroom counter. All I want now is a tiny decorative rug to put down on the floor in front of the sink, and I think I will be perfectly happy with that room. It really is fun to put things together. I also think it makes it easier to keep up with things when they really look as though you'd put some thought and effort into arranging things.

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